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Taunggyi a unique extraordinary vacation spot

Fondly known as an incredible land of tourism, Taunggyi is a wide-ranging famous country. Taunggyi is such a destination where every kind of tourist makes his/her holiday quite unforgettable. Those leisure travelers who want to live out their holidays with family, they can opt for Taunggyi tour. This tour is the most famous tour that travels around all over fascinating and enchanting tourist attractions all corners of Taunggyi and its surrounding areas.


Plan Bee Beekeeping Center


This is a new beekeeping center in Pindaya which offers some pre-booked workshops on honey tasting from their caves and beekeeping. It is a project which is sponsored by TAG international development and supported by USAID and UKAID and other organisations under the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund so as to assist the local people to produce honey.


Pindaya Caves


It is about one and half minutes’ drive by car from Pindaya town. So many people came here so that they can see the limestone cave which has more than 8,000 Buddha images inside. You will also realise that the road to this wonderful caves is very good as it passes through the photogenic farmland.

For your tour to be successful you must look for the best place that you can stay. Hotel in Nyaung Shwe is one of the wonderful hotels which you can stay as you move around this wonderful town. If you have never been there, you must try visiting it during your vacation to Nyaung Shwe and you will never regret.

Mesmerising yourself by the panoramic beauty of Nyaung Shwe

Whenever you are on vacation, you must think of the best destination that you must visit so that your vacation can be wonderful. Myanmar is one of the themes which has fantastic places that you can visit. Nyaung Shwe hotel is one the best places in Myanmar that you will not miss to visit.

The town of Nyaung Shwe is famous for numerous places to see, there is a mind-blowing attractive destination to visit on this town, and this past the population of visitors are increasing to see this charming country.


Well if you are planning for any holidays with your families, friends or someone loved ones for them this island is a perfect place for them to delight holidays in a lovely and memorable way. There are beautiful landscapes, wildlife, adventure hill mountains. and various outstanding beaches with a heart sneaking atmosphere and surrounding with the bright blue in colour sea water. Beaches, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, enchanting rivers, beautiful historical monuments and tourist attractions sheer charm of the place due to this all beautiful attraction this country is famous in the all over the world.


In Phaw Khone Weaving Workshops


In Phaw Khone is a tidy Village made of teak stilt house to the North of Nampan which is a few miles from Nyaung Shwe. It is very famous for weaving. At these weaving workshops, you will be able to learn about the two main types of silk done by the local residents (Thin silk which is plain in colour and thick weaves). You will be amazed as you watch young weavers skillfully operating the looms which are made from teak and bamboo. You will also realise that it is the best place that you can buy lotus-silk shawls.


Inlay Lake Wildlife Sanctuary


This is a wetland sanctuary which is located in Peh Kon and Nyaung Shwe townships.  It was established in the year 1985 and covers an area of 1663.51km2. This sanctuary is meant to protect and conserve the freshwater fishes, wetland birds and vegetation in Inlay Sanctuary.


Finally, the question that any visitor who has never been to Nyaung Shwe can ask himself/herself is: where can he/she get accommodation during the visit? If you look around the town of Nyaung Shwe you will realise that there are so many hotels where you can get accommodation. Hotel in Nyaung Shwe is the best one that you can dine and sleep during your visit.